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  • The woman s eyes widened, as if she was surprised. Other werewolves wouldn t have Jason s ability unless they were gifted with Lucas or Valears blood.

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  • The heat in her gut remained, even after she said goodbye, now it almost felt like hunger pains. Charles glanced at her as if she grew a second head.
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    Did you bring any luggage with you? the conductor asked as tore their tickets in half. Charlotte glanced over her shoulder as Lady Epping towed her through the crowd, chattering about retiring to the ladies parlor for tea.

    It s no secret that we were forced to marry, she quipped.

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  • She shrugged her shoulder, frowning as she brushed James away.
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  • Таинственая смерть Принцессы Дианы

    Ни много, ни мало, но вот уже 10 лет прошло со дня смерти Дианы, принцессы Уэльской. И до сих пор не известны подлинные обстоятельства той трагической ночи, которая успела добавить к образу и так неординарной принцессы, дополнительный, уже полумифологический образ.


    1. Из истории.
    2. О чем история умалчивает.
    3. Новые данные.
    4. Что мы знаем о Диане?